Tuesday, April 3, 2007


PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13!

That might be overdoing it abit but if you have a squeamish stomach ..be advised.

No this is not Miss Piggy nor Porky Pig. His name was Romeo and after today he will be known as Pancetta, ham hocks, pork chops and sausage. My friend's pig was to be slaughtered this morning and I was invited. I really like learning different things and got myself up early and over to the farm.

Romeo was a young pig and he was purchased last October at an animal market in the town next to Oliveri. I like this market which is held only once per year. He was weighing in at 70 kilos when he met his demise.

The men took care of the slaughter while the women prepared boiling water. The water is poured atop of the pig and then knives are used to scrape away the hair and top layer of skin. It isn't a tough job just takes time. Lots of hot water and lots of scraping. Even the feet are scraped. It looks like the pig is getting a pedicure.

After the skin is cleaned the master butcher begins to carve up the carcass. We are invited tonight for the first phase of eating the former *Romeo* but I think we will take a pass.
Note> No apologies for this. You were all warned. This is the life here and that needs to be noted.


sognatrice said...

One day I walked out of my boyfriend's house and there was an Ape with a whole, dead pig taking up the back of it. Didn't have my camera, which was just as well, because then I would've had to struggled with whether to post the photo.

Looks like an interesting experience, although I've never gone whole hog (hee hee) from start to finish; don't know if I will, but it's possible.

Thanks for sharing :)

KC said...

Oh, poor little porker, he looked so amiable.

But seriously, one of the things I like about Italy is that people are more aware of where their food comes from because they see more of the process. In the U.S., almost everyone buys meat in nice sanitized packages.