Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Feature

One box of yarn arrived this morning and another will be arriving in a couple weeks. I knit socks for my family and many of them get a new pair every Christmas. I ordered plain yarn to get a bit creative by mixing the self striping yarn with the plain. I am anxious to get started with this box of wool. First I must finish the ones I currently have on the needles. I have three pairs made plus the pair I made for myself out of yarn a dear friend sent to me for my birthday. She picked the right colors as I am into browns this year.

Leftover yarn is used for charity socks knitting. I donate these to a grab bag type table at the Falcone Fair next month. All of them are kid size. Proceeds go to Caritas House.

There is a yarn shop in town and one in the next town. They do not carry the type of yarn I use. I order from an online site in Germany*. It has English translation, so that makes it easy for me. Funny that most of the yarn I buy is made in Italy, but not offered around here. My yarn store friend in RI told me of visiting Italy and being so disappointed in the lack of yarn available.



Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I can't knit to save my life so I really admire your skill. Lovely socks! Strange about the yarn not being available here.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I can't knit either...I love the socks..I really love the bright coloured ones in the second picture :-)

Anonymous said...

New yarn? Is there another contest coming 'round the bend??

Sharon said...

I think I got caught at stashing yarn. I will consider another contest!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I've been a knitter for years but just discovered the fun of sock knitting. In fact my first pair looks almost exactly like the first pair you have on the post... Regia jacquard? I love the self-striping, so fun! But I recently branched off into making my own patterns/stripes as well. Right now I'm using a really soft angora blend wool and the socks are coming out lovely... a gift for someone for Christmas. Thanks for the tip on the website, too.

la cubana gringa said...

Anonymous READ MY MIND!!! :)