Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ancora un' anno

It is that time again to re contract the marriage. We have been celebrating ...including this year, 28 years of matrimony. So, first thing this morning over a cup of coffee we decided to go for another year. This year's contract says more couple time. More doing things together. I wonder if that means I'll be watching more soccer games and singing Napoli songs? Or maybe Andy will learn how to knit socks and go on more gita's? We will find the way.

Happy Anniversary to us!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you!
Happy Anniversary to you!
Happy Anniversary dear Mimi & Papa!
Happy Anniversary to youuuuuu!

Love ~J, S & F

Farfallina said...

Happy Anniversary Sharon!

Aaah, but my guess is that there will still be many more soccer games, though :)

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary Sharon and Andy. :-)

Enjoy the soccer!!!

Skye said...

Dear Sharon and Andrea,

Seems like yesterday! Can it get any better than this?

Go out there and paint the town red.

New Yorker said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you,
hope the coming year is as good or better than the past 28. Enjoy your gitas and your soccer games, and remember songs of Napoli are better sung in Neopolitan and I know you both have the voice for them.

Love to you both.

Anonymous said...

One day at a time, one year at a time, reconnecting, always learning about each other. You have a wonderful recipe for matrimonial success!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

September Students said...

Happy Anniversary! wow!

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the re-contract idea and glad to hear you'll give it another year! :)