Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Feature

Mmmm...good! I have been wanting to feature the Bialetti Brikka espresso coffee pot for sometime. No better day than the coffee man's birthday. He so loves this coffee pot and the coffee he brews in it. He will show you just how to make it and then show off the creamy top that he gets in his cup. "Can you get any better than this in a bar?" he will ask.

Here is what the Bialetti site has to say about this Brikka coffee pot:

Bialetti Brikka is a unique stove top espresso maker that makes it possible to prepare espresso with “cream”. Bialetti Brikka revolutionizes the espresso making and drinking experience. Thanks to a special pressure-controlled valve you can now enjoy the rich and intense flavor of a creamy coffee. With the Brikka, you can enjoy a special coffee every day without leaving the comfort of your kitchen. The Brikka system is the product of intense technological and qualitative research by Bialetti and is patented worldwide. Carefully follow the instructions and enjoy an authentic espresso with a frothy cream just like one from the Italian bar. Bialetti Brikka is yet another great product brought to you by the ever present “little man with the moustache”.

The coffee man has a new step in his coffee making. We read that in Naples (and we all know Naples is the King of espresso coffee), the sugar is put into the cup first. Then the hot espresso is poured in and you drink. No stirring. It is a caffeine and glucose experience. If you make your coffee at home the sugar is added to the pot before it is put on the burner. He has tried this step and it is now included in the morning coffee making ritual.

Auguri and Buon Compleanno to Andy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Papa!

Ti Amo
~J, S & F

Sharon said...

He says thank you and hi to all of you!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!! That expresso is "Loooooking good"! Love, C-co

Carole D. said...

Buon compleanno da Kansas City, Mo.

Buon weekend!

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Happy birthday to the coffee man :)

I looove Bialetti stove top coffee makers! I have a few here in California that I brought from Italy, but my family kept them in the kitchen for decoration since they "look cute" :)

Lucky for me, I found another Bialetti one at Starbucks :) but I don't think it has that extra pice for cream... is it like the regular moka? Bialetti Brikka sounds different. Hmm...

Sharon said...

This coffee maker is different because it has that valve which spurts the coffee. You make the coffee with the lid open.

The birthday coffee man is happy. He even makes American coffee for me every morning.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed his day, tell him Happy Birthday for me. They wouldn't let me call from the plane.