Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pericoloso (Dangerous)

The past two days have been hot, extremely hot with high winds. Fires have started from the city of Messina thru to Cefalù. This afternoon I took these pictures of fires in the mountains above our town. The air has been filled with smoke and residual from the fires can be seen on the pavement. Because of severe fires in Cefalù, the firemen were slow to arrive. We had been without electricity for two hours due to fire near power lines and approaching the Q8 gas station on the autostrada. Electric has returned but the fires are still raging.

This happens every year but this year seems especially prone to spontaneous fires. Three deaths have been reported due to these fires.


Carole D. said...

Mi dispiace to hear about the fires. Stay safe.

Maria Grazia said...

My parents just called and they told me how scary it was. My grandparents' house was surrounded by fire. I think all these fires have been sadly started by arsonists :-(