Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Feature

Flowers are definitely a part of Sicilian beauty. They pop up everywhere. Even in the cracks of the sidewalks. I am not a good flower person. By that, I mean I don't own a green thumb. Both of my sisters can do magic with flowers. Often flowers commit suicide on me. But I try. I like them around me and in the house. The color and the scent makes me happy. So every year, I venture out to buy some flowers and hope against hope that they will last thru the summer.

There are several vendors of flowers close by. The one we chose had so many flowers to choose from. Geraniums grow so very nicely on balconies in this town but in the past I must have chosen the wrong ones. I picked some petunias that were already in a balcony rectangular pot. So I couldn't mess that up. It contains three different colors. Then I bought two single potted geraniums and one rosemary plant. Andy selected a miniature mum type plant. That was and is enough. We have some color and something to play with.

The lady at this shop was so friendly. That isn't often the case with clerks but I think when you work around nice things you tend to be more pleasant. Just water them every morning and feed them some food once per week...and don't forget to dead head. Huh????

Here is a look at some of the pretty things they have at this plant nursery.

Finally these houses show a look at the old and the new in Sicily. They are on the grounds of this plant nursery. I like both of these looks.

Good luck to me and my new plants and I shall go forth now and learn about dead heading!!!


Kimberly said...

I hope your thumb proves to be greener than mine. I am a natural-born killer. I do well at arranging cut flowers and foliage, so I just buy them at the grocery store and do that.

Anonymous said...

so envious of that greenhouse, I would go absolutely nuts there... I love flowers... two other rules, do not over feed, and do not over water, you can also kill plants that way. If the petunia become too leggy, give them a haircut, cut them down, you will get twice the number of flowers from them, listen to the directions they give you at the nursery... but always deadhead..... you are a natural.....nat

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of going to Dawn's nursery business where I would wander around through her greenhouses and grounds looking at and smelling the beautiful flowers -- we call it "floral therapy!"

I recommend it highly.

Love ~J