Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Antonio deCurtis was the comedian of Italy. I suppose he still is the number one comic even though he died way back in the 60's. His humor is a cross between Buster Keaton and Red Skeleton. Not my kind of humor. In fact I am not particularly fond of Totò. It was pointed out to me that this week's TV Guide says ...that it has been 40 years (never) without Totò. This refers to his being dead for 40 years but also says never without him. And this is certainly true in this house. This guy has a film on television almost every day. On Sunday, I can be sure that someone is watching and laughing away over the antics of Totò. Andy has probably seen these movies several times. Sometimes he has missed the end or the beginning and must stay glued to the seat to recapture the entire film. Excuses....he just likes Totò.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that I called this Italian hero by the wrong name. My apologies to the watcher of comedy.