Thursday, May 24, 2007

UEFA Champions

The Rossoneri captured the UEFA Champion League title last night by defeating Liverpool from England (2-1). I was rooting for Liverpool. A Cyber friend's Dad was hoping Liverpool would win this match and I was supporting him.

Lot's of tifosi cheering in the streets here after this match. Car and motorino horns honking, beating of drums and voices chanting and singing victory songs. It can be annoying at 11PM in the night, but I was happy to hear all of this. There isn't much to be cheering about in this world lately, so they can revel all they want.

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Anonymous said...

This actually made the local news here in Chicago, I was happy to see. A snippet at the end of the sports portion of the 10 o'clock news -- Inzaghi kissing the trophy. It was beautiful.