Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hair Hair!!

Yesterday, while in Andy's Barber Shop, a young bearded man came in for a shave. I had my camera with me and thought this might be an interesting photo of a before and after look. Sorta a mini makeover. The young man agreed, so I took a picture.

Before the shave was finished another customer walked in. This man was a little older...probably late 60's. When the shave was finished I took the *after* photo and then showed it to both men.
Young man smiles ..pays and leaves.

Older guy says to me..." millenovecentoquarantacinque (1945)...those Americans came in with their spray and got rid of all those insects we had in our heads."

Out of the blue he makes this statement. He added that he never forgot those Americans. That they did alot for this town and Sicily and Italy. "People forget" he added. "But, America is a different culture, creative and fast...gets the job done."

I was waiting for the tie in to the present and he did not fail. He complimented me on taking pictures. Said not many Italians take pictures. My sister had once asked me if I had problems with taking photos of people and adding them to my blog. I have been ready for someone to complain or refuse, when I ask if I might take a photo. No one ever has complained. Many pose or ask if they might have a print. They ask for the site so they could have a look or send the site address to a relative in another city. My favorite is a gentleman making a large print out of one of my pictures that sits framed in his kitchen. "Those Americans get the job done".... the older fella repeated.


Anonymous said...

God Bless America and my sister in Sicily! Love, C

Kimberly said...

How nice to hear someone say something nice about the Americans, for a change. We don't hear much like that often, during these times. I believe it is true, what the man said. At least I hope it is still true.

I think that young man is awfully cute - hairy or shorn. I prefer shorn, though. Now when the girls see him, they'll think he probably has a job and a decent family. KimJay

KC said...

I often want to take photos of people but am afraid to ask. What you've written has encouraged me to try and ask next time. Thanks!

Sharon said...

KC...Let me know how it goes. I hope you get some interesting results.