Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Feature

Back to Friday Feature and this time it is Annalisa's Hair Salon. I wear my hair very...and I mean very short and this is the right person to do this haircut. I go every five weeks to get this great haircut. I am not known as a patient person and she gives me the first appointment of the day. In and out...wash&cut ...then go.

The salon was refurbished one year ago. It has several sections. One for washing your hair, another for cutting and blow dry styling, yet another for coloring and lastly seating and business areas. I think the color of the shop is inviting and mood setting. Most shops are great gab places and getting the info on latest styles etc. No different here. The only problem is my not being able to get right into the conversation when I would like. They do give me a chance but mostly I listen.

She has several girls working with her and this photo is of the AM crew.

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KC said...

I agree about the colors, it seems like such a bright and happy place!