Thursday, March 15, 2007

Via Gallo

This is where I live. You can't see the roof line on the Via Gallo side but you get the idea. It is three levels. In Italy that would be ground level, first and second floors. I live in the old part of town and the homes are attached row style. Sorta like a street of condos. I feel fortunate to live on all three levels. Many homes have one family on the street level and others on the first and second levels. Most of the time this involves families. Parents on the street level and son or daughter's families on the others. Can't do a thing without those old folks knowing!

I have doors leading in and out onto two streets. One is quieter and less traveled than the other. But notice there is not a blade of grass. Most families have a garden on the outskirts of town. In fact almost all of them do. We are *johnny come lately* to the scene so we don't have a garden. But we have these neighbors who are very generous, sharing lots of fresh vegetables and fruit with us.
We had our house painted a couple years back and the painter painted the balconies and window trim white. Why? I think he mistook his instructions. He said they couldn't be painted over. What? I painted them the next day. Didn't get paid for it either. Notice my screen door on the back side of the house. I am so happy to have this door and it only took about 9 years to get it.

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Waspgoddess said...

When I was in Venice I noticed that nobody seems to occupy the ground floors. I guess the risk of flooding is too great...

Nice to see where you live. Only nine years to get a screen door. Bravo :)

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