Tuesday, March 13, 2007

HAM-Burger with Mozzarella

My culinary minded nephew wants recipes. This one came up on an Italian Food Channel (RaiSat Gambero Rosso), and since it is phase one South Beach friendly, I gave it a try. Very easy to make..has a good taste and all the ingredients are good for you, me and all my diet buddies.

The ingredients include deli baked ham, mozzarella*, apricot sugar free marmalade mixed with mustard and a couple slices of tomato. Since I am from the USA, I super sized it with some lettuce and since I already cut into the tomato ..I put a few slices between the layers.

Cook the baked ham on a grill pan to warm and then start layering. First the mozzarella topped with the mustard/marmalade mix, then a slice of ham, lettuce and tomato. Keep this going until you have two slices of ham and three of mozzarella. Top with more tomato. It was more than I could eat. But, the good part is the taste. It was truly nice. The flavors blended perfectly. Probably this would make a better summer dish but we will have it once more on our 14 day ph1 SBeach diet.

If you try this let me know how you like it.

*We can buy mozzarella in sheets rolled up. This photo shows it rolled and squished as I did not refrigerate it properly.

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