Friday, March 16, 2007

Tagged 101

My friend Wasp Goddess tagged me and I am supposed to write 5 mindless things. What does that mean? Mindless? Profound? Funny? I have never been tagged nor done this before. I shall give it a go.

1) If my collar is up..leave it alone. I like it that way or don't mind it that way. In other words hands OFF!
2) I have learned to listen.
3) Men should not smell like flowers or fruit. But that is better than being stinky.
4) Grudges aren't helpful. Avoiding unpleasant people is.
5) The best beverages in the whole world are Starbucks and Jacobs coffee and Moxie!

1 comment:

Waspgoddess said...

I totally agree with numbers 3 and 4. But I also dislike the smell of aftershave (and perfume), too strong and too artificial for me).

And life's too short to bear grudges and hang out with unpleasant people.

Thanks for participating :)