Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Feature

There are 150 bikes here for sale or rent. That is what *Mario* the bike guy told me. Come summer time I think there may even be some mopeds to rent. We need a bike shop in this town. Everyone rides bicycles. Kids learn how to balance themselves on two wheelers early. Sometimes you might see two on a bike or perhaps three. Kids even stand up behind the guy doing the peddling on a bike. You bike for pleasure and you bike for transportation.

The bike shop also does repairs. Every time I pass, this place is busy. Mario is a one man show.

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Anonymous said...

Loooooking Good, Sharon!!!I'm trying to write this the way I would hear Andy saying it. Off to school for the morning and then back home about noon when we should be getting a snowstorm! Enjoy the biking!CDA