Sunday, February 25, 2007

Danny and Arnold

*The person whose birthday is closest to today gets the centerpiece!* That is how we met and found each other. Twins! Born on the same day, same month and the same year.

The lady sitting at the table across from me ...said her birthday was in two days and she would be taking home the flowers. I almost did not have the heart to say that my birthday was the next day but admitted it after my husband blurted out this information. Then things got very eerie! She was born on July 21st at around 4 in the morning Italy time. I was born some time between 9PM and midnight eastern time in the USA. (My mother told me I was born after visiting hours were over at 9PM.) If I had been born in Italy, I would have been born on the 21st. She would have been born on the 20th in the USA. This is due to the 6 hour time difference. This all became a good reason for us to get together each year...on the 21st of July, since we both live in Sicily. Physically we are extreme opposites. Characteristics are much alike. She is plain spoken and hard working. I like to think I am as well.

Check us out and see if you agree...we could be Dannina and Arnoldina. She got the flowers that day and we both got a new friend.

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