Monday, February 26, 2007


First update is on the Limoncello. It sits in my refrigerator unused. I had enough to make an additional small bottle and we used that as a taste tester. It has a kick and we will enjoy it this summer. My friend tells me it should go in the refrigerator and not the freezer. These glasses are the kind used for serving Limoncello. They should go into the freezer.

Carnavale was cancelled last Tuesday but it was held on Saturday Feb 24th. The powers that be gave special permission.

Many readers asked me about the price of gas here. I did not know off the top of my head. We fill that gas tank about every 6 weeks. I certainly would know the price of gas if I lived in the USA but it isn't something I think about here. BUT, I should. Don't fall off from your seats when you read the price per gallon! Here is proof that there are gas stations called Q-8.

One gas station lists €1.20 per liter and the other €1.24 per liter. We would and we do shop at the one listing €1.20 so I will use that price. Multiply €1.20 x 3.78 (number of liters in a gallon) and the answer is €4.44 per US gallon of gas. (all numbers rounded off) Today the Euro USD exchange is: 1 €=$1.32. Conversion 4.44 EUR=5.84098 USD. This is what the cost of gas is

$5.84 per gallon.

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