Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Web Sites and Birthday

I love getting new and different Internet Sites. One of my favorites has been http://postsecret.blogspot.com/#111488090115469341. I bought two of these books for my daughter's birthday gift. She has the same humor as I do. In fact all of my kids have this dry wit and humor. I hope she has a nice birthday and enjoys this book. Her husband's birthday was last week and I sent him the 2007 World Almanac. Now he can drive her crazy with facts and interesting stuff. Lot's of pages to mull over.
When I IM with my daughter I am always hoping she comes up with a new Web Site. I heard about one this afternoon that gives free instructions on how to use an iPod or MP3 player. I am thinking about getting one of these. The site is Makaucorp.com. Check it thru Google. It was hard to get into probably because it was given out on a TV news channel.
Happy birthday Rachel.......

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Anonymous said...

Postsecret is one of my favorite websites ... and the books are just as wonderful ... thank-you mom for the perfect present ... it was wonderful to open the box .. and yes mike does spit random facts during commercials ... totally funny .. thanks again