Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little Street

Here it is! A street named after my husband's family...Barresi. Vico translated to English means alley or lane. This does look like an alley way. My husband never knew of it's existence. When our son was living here we would go for bike rides around the town and we came across it. When we returned home and questioned Andy about it he admitted not ever knowing there was a Vico Barresi.

Barresi is the second most common name in this town. The most common is Gullo. My name doesn't even make it to the chart. In Italy the wife does not take the name of her husband. The name she is born with is the name she uses for life. It gets rather confusing when I have to show documents. In Italy they are all in my maiden name and my USA documents in my married name.


John Barresi said...

Hi Sharon:

This is a great blog. My grandparents, also named Barresi, came from Oliveri to Fall River, Mass around 1908 after Etna blew and created damage in the area.

I've been thinking of visiting Sicily sometime during the winter - I'm in Nova Scotia - and decided to look up Oliveri to see what it is like, possibly to stay there. I immediately ran into a post about your blog, then reading some of it, ran into this entry.

Thanks so much for giving me a bit of insight into my family history and Oliveri as a place to visit.


Sharon said...

Small street and smaller world. Thnaks for posting on my blog. I say small world as my daughter lives in Tiverton, RI just the other side of Fall River. I have been to that city many many times. Also my maternal grandparents came into Maine from Nova Scotia.

You should plan a trip here as there are many Barresi folks to greet you.