Monday, January 15, 2007


This only happens in the movies. About one hour after I posted my love of Starbucks coffee, my doorbell rang. My husband went to the door and it was a *Postal Package* delivery man. So, what was inside the package? Several items one of which I had been wishing for earlier. Not one pound, but three pounds of Starbuck coffee. I shall be happy come tomorrow morning. To make it even better.. included was a box of chocolate donuts.

Since I already had a cup of coffee in hand I popped one of these donuts into the toaster oven and felt like I was back in the good ole USA.

Yes, Sharon...there is a Santa Claus!


Anonymous said...

Love this story. Gives me goosebumps. HD

Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am! A miracle, indeed. Sometimes these small ones are much more impacting than the grand ones, because it shows how personally important and considered your happiness and well-being are. Thank you for sharing it. Kim

Anonymous said...

Did Papa get "his" box?

Love J, S & F

Sharon said...

Somebody out there loves me!

Cynthia Rae said...

I will be right over for a cup! And a doughnut too! heheheh!

Had fun checking out your little corner of Italy (via your blog). Looking forward to reading more.

And thanks for the LC recipe!

Delina said...

So was it just a coincidence or is something else going on?
Anyway, what every the reason, lucky you! :)