Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Feature #2

Friday features the Little Market, a grocery store owned and operated by a young, local couple.
There are several markets of this type in town and each catering to the folks who live close to the store. When I was a kid this was the type of store that you would find in neighborhoods. A store where kids can go buy a sandwich or an ice cream bar. Where housewives could go and buy fresh bread and vegetables. I imagine there aren't many of this kind of shop left in the USA any longer.

Most local women shop daily for fresh ingredients for the day's meal. It amazes me that refrigerators and cabinets aren't stocked. We are used to buying in bulk when the prices lure us into the larger stores. It isn't unusual for our home to have 20+ kilos of pasta. Now, here is an interesting fact. I would guess that a good percentage of shelf space is dedicated to PASTA of all shapes.

You can also purchase beer and liquor at these local shops. The Little Market also sells bottled gas used for both cooking and heating units. We have one of these heaters in our kitchen and it is the best. Altho, the town now has a gas line many still opt to use these *bombolas*. The shop owner will deliver and set up the bombola.
Outside the Little Market is a bench under a tree where folks sit and chat or just watch the scene in the street. This time of year the scene is tranquil but just wait till the summer. Lot's of tourists to watch and the proprietors of the shop have scarcely a moment to themselves.
The BEST thing about the shop is the big smile you get when you come into this store.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful visit to your local grocery! Is there also a sign in Italian?