Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday Outing

We normally do our business and shopping chores on Monday. Grocery stores are open while other shops are closed till the afternoon. The bank is open in the morning and only opens for one hour in the afternoon. Yesterday, we had food shopping, an order to retrieve at the jewelers, a small space heater to purchase and a bank visit. With the afternoon close down factored in this would have to be well thought out. Shops close down at one and reopen anywhere from 4PM to 5PM.

We first stopped at our favorite restaurant for lunch. They are closed on Sundays and opened their new wine yesterday.

Andy tried the new *vino* and said a toast (salute to the Honorable and his wife) to our friends from RI, who are also fans of this restaurant. St. Martino was celebrated a day late. I guess that is what holiday Monday is all about.

Then off to the big city and the Walmart type supermercato to look for that heater and do a little shopping.

When we reached our destination, we found that this place was in the middle of moving to a new location and the shelves were almost bare. Not many shoppers in the place and we did not find the heater but Andy found one of his favorite items...fish. We had just been talking with our son about Seppia fish and it was here. Yes, he bought it.

This is one store that is open thru the day. We left here and got back on the highway and headed to another market that is also open from 9AM -9PM. We found the heater and we also came across Christmas. Italy is focusing on Christmas earlier and earlier every year.

This might be called winter decor.....

But, there is no mistake about this..

At 4PM we reached the jewelers. I think these doors are a good thing. They also have them at banks (we did not get to the bank in time). Only one person can enter at a time and they beep if you have some weapon or other object picked up by the sensor device.

After making our purchase we finished the trip by heading to our favorite €0.79 per kilo fruit and vegetable market. They sell a range of grocery items but the low fruit and vegetable price is the draw for us. The big finish was more Christmas items displayed. So from now thru the New Year...

..to all!


Roam2Rome said...

They doooo go earlier and earlier each year! I really prefer to wait a little, the holidays taste better that way, but retail stores want us out shopping!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, you have to plan your shopping carefully here because of the opening - or closing - hours. No one's got around to Xmas in Modica yet!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post. I'm always curious about everyday things in Italy. Thanks for taking the time.