Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Feature

West Side Story has it ALL wrong! The most beautiful sound is your child saying *I love you Mom*! Ask any mother. Ask me...and I will tell you that what I write is true. I received this card this week and it couldn't have come at a better time. I love you too, Jillane!

Along with the card was a bevy of packages. Of course the mandatory Starbucks coffee was included. My favorite was the gardenia scented duo of hand wash and hand cream. Along with vanilla, gardenia is a favorite scent of mine.

This daughter knows I am a lover of bumper stickers. She has been riding the roads with this one tucked into her visor for over a year. It was given to me by my son, who doesn't even know I harbor this fetish. I am hoping some day to cover my terrazza window that borders onto my neighbor's wall with various bumper stickers. Finally it has arrived here.

So, Frank did you think this ball would be amusing? Papa was very amused. After unrolling all this paper he challenged me to put it back together. Yea, right!
That accordion card was ...a reminder of how much I hate the accordion. But, someone really liked it!

Yes...I am happy and I am thankful and I am loving you all.

This is Friday's Feature!!


Anonymous said...

We want to know what was inside the monkey ball!

I was wondering when the package would arrive and I'm glad to see it did in one piece.

Love ~J

PS Did you like the Maine jar? Frankie picked that out.... ha ha

Sharon said...

Inside the monkey ball is a whistle and a plastic watch. I did like the Hick *Maine* jar. We shall try this out soon.

Anonymous said...

A plastic watch. ha ha ha ha
How appropriate!

I have to say that Frankie also helped find the accordian card.... amongst many other "musical" cards. (Gee where did he get that sense of humor???)

Glad you liked everything.

Love ~J

Sharon said...

Did you like the specs?? And how about that *smile*??? It came after I ate the Reeses pb cup...

sognatrice said...

What a fun package--isn't it wonderful to love and be loved?

I hope you'll take a photo of your neighbor's face while looking at the bumper sticker collection....

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a brilliant package. I love the scent of vanilla and gardenia too, but my favourite is jasmine. That paper ball would drive me crazy!