Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Card Yellow Card

Yellow plus yellow equals red. Red is red. All calcio and soccer fans know this. One yellow is a warning concerning a rule infraction. Red is given for a major infraction. So, if you get two warnings it is the same as getting a red. But getting a red with no warning indicates major consequences.

I like this idea. It leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Altho some players argue the call, everyone knows the rules. Everyone can see the yellow or red card being held aloft by the referee. Everyone knows that first yellow is a warning and you had best be on your good behavior or you risk getting a red card and that means O U T!

I think that this colored card system could be put to good use elsewhere. My first thought was for teachers and parents. But, I really think it would be good to have them in the car. Instead of using those hand signals when you are miffed by another driver you could just hold up a yellow or red card. It might even work in the post office when you get bad service..or quite a few public offices. How about the toll booth taker who acts like you are bothering his smoking break?

Join in with me...with your ideas!


Anonymous said...

How about slipping one of the yellow cards under the bathroom door if someone is in there way too long?

Don't touch that remote!!!

Will keep on thinking of more uses. Love, C-co

Sharon said...

I like both C-co's ideas. Especially the remote..ore telacommando as it is called here.

Jumping the line at the grocery store...yellow card!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, we could definitely use them in the post office!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

- and the gas office!

October Students said...

good idea! we agree--calcio rules are a good thing to use even outside of the stadium. line jumping could be a definite infraction--although i doubt people would understand that here in italy!