Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tuna celebration

Tuna and the tuna fishing industry was celebrated in Oliveri Saturday evening and will continue tonight..Sunday September 16. The restored fishing boat was a feature but I think most came for the free tuna that was served up by local folks in the fishing industry. Years past there was a tuna factory in this town and it was on these grounds that this event took place. The canning factory has since been converted to a vacation resort. It was a delightful event. Very well planned and orderly.

Insides of restored Tuna Fishing Boat
Converted Tuna Factory into Resort

Many hours of preparation took place before this event. This careful planning was a vital contribution to it's success. During the day of the event, big screens were hoisted to show old footage of tuna fishing, the cooking areas, display areas, staging for the entertainment and cleaning of the area besides carving of the tuna fish was all accomplished by volunteers.

Volunteers prepare the cooking area

Stage and Big Screen

Carving the tuna

Besides enjoying a delicious plate of tuna and bread ..there were several exhibits. Some were local restaurant specialities featuring tuna. Another was a booth that featured tuna preserves. Along the grounds were implements used on the old tuna boats along with a photo gallery of the men and boats in the hey day of Oliveri's tuna fishing industry.

Restaurant displays

Filming of a display booth

Antique Tuna Industry Tools

There was a long line of folks waiting to be served a plate of tuna plus bread but it moved along swiftly and orderly. (Yes, it really did!) It was worth the wait. It was very light tasting. Again local volunteers served the guests.

Line waiting for Tuna

Volunteer servers

Generous plate of tuna

Included with all the above was a pleasing show featuring SuperLinea band and performers.

Special thanks to Giusy LaBella and her volunteers for a wonderful event!!!

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Anonymous said...

This celebration looks terrific from start to finish. It celebrates the people of Oliveri in a way they never expected. I'm especially taken with the carver of the tuna, no shirt and blood spattered apron....shades of Oakland. Hope the organizers get wonderful feedback and will go on to celebrate other such heritages of Oliveri. C-co