Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Feature

After 40 years my friend met up with a childhood playmate at his Azienda Agricola In San Lucia del Mela and I was invited along. I like playing the side kick as I am getting to see lots of Sicily this year. These two friends grew up in Pistunina, a small village outside of Messina. One went to the USA and the other has worked building a wine business. In 1990 organic cultivation was introduced into his wine business. You can read about this winery at the following site Click on the British flag in the upper right hand corner for English translation.

While we were there we watched wine being bottled for shipment to Japan. We met the client along with representatives of this winery. Lucky us we got an invitation to lunch. Of course we had some Vino Mamertino. We enjoyed the company, the lunch and especially the wine.

My friend sat inside the old farmhouse remembering the old days and talking about the new ones with the two Vasari brothers. I got to take photos of the grounds and relax.

Besides grapes there was plenty of other fruit and vegetables growing there.

The town sits above this vineyard and is very picturesque.

We shall have to make another visit. Here's to old & new friends!!!

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