Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Feature

You have all seen this stuff. Ceramic dishes from Caleca. It is featured in stores in the USA and in the Williams- Sonoma catalog. The factory is minutes from my house. You can buy from their store both second and first quality ceramic dishware.

I have a pattern with grapes painted on them. This pattern is no longer available but they will make it on request. Each year they present a new pattern. This year's looks very bold with red design on white sitting on a black dish.

Each time I go to this factory outlet I must purchase at least one plate...or bowl. I now choose solid colors preferring white for serving dishes.

There is so much to choose from. You could spend a good part of your day here and possibly a good part of your wallet.


sognatrice said...

I think it's safe to say that I should never, ever be allowed in that factory outlet.


Anonymous said...

On my next visit -- Caleca is most definitely on my list! Never enough dishes.

My box of dishes never got "checked in" either -- they were taken on the plane as "carry on" just to be safe!

Love ~J

la cubana gringa said...

Oh, JEEZ! Keep me AWAY from that place!!!

Sharon said...

sognatrice and la cubaba gringa>
When you come to visit Oliveri, I am taking you there. It is a destination on the visitor's list!!