Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Feature

Kappa is a brand of casual sportswear originating from Turin in Italy. Several national sports teams including the Italian National Soccer team have or are wearing clothing by this brand. In a town about 15 kilometers away there is an outlet featuring Kappa clothing besides a few other brands.

Since I heard this outlet was having a sale, I encouraged my New York friend to make a trip with me to see what they were offering.

There were a few interesting items but we didn't drop much money there. However the interesting thing about this store is that you can see online just what they have for inventory before you go there. So if you are looking for a special style or have this information right at your computer screen.

Once you get into the store you are offered another shopping convenience. There are monitors over the bins of clothing articles that will let you know the price and also the location of other colors and sizes of each article. If the customers return clothing to the bins they found it in ...all is according to their plan. You select the article and place the bar code under the arrow. Up comes information about the article including price, colors and sizes available and location and amount of inventory.

I am showing a couple heavy duty sweatshirts that some of you might be interested in and the screen showing the price. I DID look all over this store for a shirt that had PALERMO written on it for my Blog friend GT to see, but no Palermo in the entire store. Not that there won't be a Palermo shirt tomorrow or another day. Stock changes daily.

We bought a couple visor hats and some socks. No big ticket items in our bags. But, you never know when we might be back. We said good bye to the Juve kitty and had a nice ride back along the beach road.


Anonymous said...

Waaah. I want to go shopping at that store again! It was one of my favorites!

Love ~J

PS Speaking of cats, have you read about Oscar -- a famous cat here in RI?

Anonymous said...

I was in heaven, just looking at the images, reading your words. Thank you for thinking of me with your Palermo seach. I need to do some internet shopping for sure!!

Hope you are well.