Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just Not Right

It is already June and I have not been into the water yet! Last year I was swimming from May 15th on thru October. Today is a miserable June day. It started out with rain and has been overcast since with clouds threatening more rain.

The beach is almost deserted and there should be kids romping and girls sunning and boys gawking at the girls. Nothing! Here I am wearing a sweatshirt jacket.

Even the town is deserted. On a Sunday this place is normally loaded with tourists and Sicilians from other towns. Come on *SUN* your thing!

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KC said...

It rained non-stop here yesterday, and while there was sun this morning, the skies have clouded up. I've seen forecasts that say rain is possible tomorrow too. This morning my poor Neapolitan husband told me that he's been feeling depressed. No wonder.