Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pill Boxes

This is something I did not know about until I moved here. All along the northern coast line are these *Pill Boxes* which were defensive posts against the Allies in World War 2. The Italian or German soldiers would hide inside with heavy armor and watch the sky or sea for Allied soldiers. They are located all through Sicily but I have only seen those on the shore line. My husband tells me that the tides have moved sand over the years and this particular box has lowered into it. He claims it was much higher. We still have traces of the war in this town. One lady I know carries shrapnel in her leg. In the cemetery there are three graves commemorating the war. One grave for a German soldier who carried no identification. Another for a man who washed up on the shoreline and the third empty, giving remembrance for all war dead.

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KC said...

Those "pill boxes" are very interesting. The remind me of some WWII bunkers hidden by sand dunes near where my family had a summer home (near Rockaway, NY.)