Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Feature

There are three public schools in this town plus one private nursery school. Our son was a student for two years at the Media or Middle School. During our first year, here he did a home school program with the Calvert School located in Baltimore, Maryland. This was not well received by the local school and we compromised by his attending the local school one day per week that first year. As I look back, this year doing home school was a good idea and allowed him to accustom himself to this culture. The one day per week at the Media school was also a good thing for him. He got to choose the day and of course he chose the day that included PE and Art classes. No additional help was given in the language and he toughed it out....doing all classes in Italian. (What did we put that kid through?) He did well and went on to a good High School before returning to the US to finish his final year of High School.

Kids start school in a Nursery School program at 3 years old. Not having a child in either the elementary or nursery programs, I have not much information about either. I have had the pleasure of being invited to watch Christmas and end of year programs at the private nursery school. I have never...never seen a teacher so lovingly discipline youngsters as the teacher at that school. Whenever a mischievous youngster got out of line she would just move him (always a him) to another location with a little hug. That was almost better to watch than the program.

All three of the public schools are gated. No cars are allowed on this road (dead end street) except teacher's or school official's vehicles. When school is let out the local police are on hand to help with traffic and to ensure the safety of the children.

After graduating from the Media School, students decide which High School they would like to attend. There are High Schools differing in programs that lead to future occupations. We choose what was known as a Science High School for our son as the program most identified with a USA High School college directed program. All High Schools are in nearby towns. He took the train to school every day and that is another story!!!

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