Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Feature

The Costanzo brothers have done work in my house. Today, I feature their Metalliche Costruzioni business. This shop constructs and installs windows...doors metal, aluminum, wood and glass. They have the latest in shop equipment and materials. Both brothers will help you decide which items are best for your new construction or replacement windows and doors.

They are located on the outskirts of Oliveri in an industrial zone. Very nice family to work with. You just don't go to Home Depot or Sears to purchase a window or door around here. Most all of them are custom made. I am sure there are stock sizes but ours were made to measure. We had a window installed when we moved here that was an odd size. I was very happy that windows were made to measure. We had a open terrazzo on our third level that we had roofed and windowed by this company. It turned an unused area into my sewing and laundry room.

The very BEST thing I had made at the Costanzo brothers shop is a screen door in my kitchen. Screens and screen doors aren't something we saw in this town in 1992 but they are becoming a common thing today. I love that screen door. Let's in the air but not the insects...not the flying kind anyway.

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