Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Women have house parties here just like the rest of the world. Tupperware*, beauty products, underwear and the... Bimby.

I went to a demonstration of this miracle machine. It sure was some engineering marvel. From start to finish you could make a meal in this thing. The cost floored me. I could eat out for several weeks without any clean up for the €950 they were asking for it. I have never been a person who likes those stack pans on the stove to save money nor did I particularly care for the genius of the Bimby. How would you get to see what is in pan #1 without removing pans #2 and #3 from the stack and what would that do to the cooking? As for the Bimby, the machine also has the control.

If you want to know more about the Bimby check out this site in English. The same machine by another name.

* Did the FBI buy new Tupperware for Richard Jewel's mother. I have always thought that was the least they could do.

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Lane said...

I love this blog! I've bookmarked you.