Thursday, February 15, 2007

Merry February Christmas

Car door slams outside and then my door bell rings. I suspect a package as I know the sounds that precede the delivery man. He likes to talk to me in English. He removes a very large package and it is a Christmas package from my Ohio daughter and family. I like late Christmas gifts. I like any Christmas gifts!!!!

So what was inside?? Lot's of food items including a packaged Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Mix with a can of Cream Cheese frosting. I fell in love with this taste at her house last year! Fat free jello packages to soften the blow of calories from that Red Velvet Cake, lifesaver candy and some Chinese food mix.

Husband got a naughty calendar for the Barber Shop and some Ohio State pj's, plus the local newspaper. He loves to read the ads and then compare with local prices.

Books are a great gift...thank you ten million times! Other items were also inside but I save the best for last!!

Red Sox memorabilia! One of my favorite players sponsoring my ALL TIME favorite drink...MOXIE!!!


nikinpos said...

Lucky you! I love getting goody bags in the post!

Waspgoddess said...

Oh, that is so nice. I love getting packages in the post. My mother sent me a little one, which arrived right on San Valentino. Chocolates from Sweden, mmmm.... They are goooood (I ate them all in two very frantic sittings, and thankfully my man was kind enough only to want one - another one of his good traits).

Anonymous said...

Yeah it finally got there .... I am happy that the red velvet got there ok ... hope that you make and enjoy every bite ...


Sharon said...

I'm saving the cake and frosting for my birthday!!!