Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Feature

Arredamenti means furnishings and home decoration. Pirri and Munafò s.r.l. is all that and more. Three buildings housing office space, furniture and appliance display and a woodworking shop are located in the town of Falcone which borders Oliveri.

This is where we purchased most of our furniture. We visited and talked with one of the owners and set up an appointment for him to come and see our home. After this visit where we discussed our needs and he measured spaces he went back to his office to draw up a diagram of how furnishings would best look in our home. We meet at the furniture display store and agree or disagree on his plans and pick out the style of furniture we want. These are the steps for most folks setting up a new home or refurbishing an older ones. The selection of furniture goes from vacation type to elegant home furnishings.

The workshop refinishes as well as makes cabinetry. They made doors for us and installed a granite top for our kitchen counters. When we have a problem with any of the cabinets that we purchased they come and repair them. I find this service to be a good reason to do business with these folks. Each person working in this business is professional and courteous. The fellas who deliver the furniture to a house don't have it easy. The streets are narrow for maneuvering their trucks. Even hauling a washer up three flights of stairs doesn't cause an eye to blink. That is what happened in our house along with living room furniture hoisted up and through balcony windows.

I have taken lots of furniture display pictures. We are very satisfied with the items we have purchased from this business. I had selected a very formal table and chair set but the owner kept leading me to another style. I took his advice and am glad that I did. His suggested set fits just right in my kitchen.

Falcone is a small town just like Oliveri but this business is a BIG one customer service and quality.

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