Saturday, February 10, 2007


Soccer is back this week after a sad hiatus following the death of a policeman at the Catania stadium. Some teams will play in an empty stadium while others who have complied with the new security laws will have fans in the seats. Of course everyone knows that soccer is the national sport and that Italy has the World's Champion Soccer winning the final game against France last summer.

Juventus is Andy's team. He has been following this team since childhood. This year his team has been demoted to Seria B due to some *hanky panky * activity by the team's owners. They are on top of Seria B and will most likely be back in Seria A next season.

More than Juve...Andy LOVES Alessandro DelPiro. He has been with the team Juventus thru his entire soccer career. He is a gentleman on and off the field. Last year the coach for Juventus decided not to play DelPiro as a starting forward in most games. I thought that Andy would quit the his fan status. After the season's end the coach was let go and DelPiro is back in starting position.

Games can be watched on Sky Satellite TV. I made a boo boo a few years back by adding sports channels onto our satellite package. So every time Juventus plays we are watching. I understand the game better than I did when I landed here but I'd much rather be watching Baseball!

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