Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday Feature

Every two years it is necessary to have your car *revisione* or revisited and updated to road standards. My featured business this Friday is Officina Meccanica owned and operated by S.L. Chiofalo. He has been servicing our car since we purchased it in 1993. We bought the vehicle second hand from a gentleman who purchased an identical one but in a different color. It was under a year old when we bought it making this car around 15 years old. It has not given us a bit of trouble and has saved us in a couple incidents. The last being hit in the rear by a lady driving a brand new Mercedes. Her hood crumpled like an accordion but we had not a mark on our car. If we ever buy a new car it will be a Peugeot just like this one. It is way too late to make a trade on this car and we mostly use it for grocery shopping trips, nearby trips and of course as a beach car in the summer.

This week we had the car revisioned and the only problems were a window that does not roll up and down easily and a windshield wiper that needed replacing. The mechanic comes to our home and picks up the car and then returns it after the check up and necessary work is finished. Great service.

This garage is not in Oliveri but it is close enough in S. Anna that you can holler from the town line and the mechanic could hear you. I think this garage is something out of a small southern town that you might see in a movie. The only thing missing is the Sheriff who might be saying--*We don't cotton to your kind around here!* OK ! I had to put that in. The pit is outside the building and I found that smart. There is only one young guy besides the owner working in this garage. The work is first rate...service first rate...what could be better than this?

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