Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Feature

Agip, Q-8 and ERG are names of gasoline stations. I know what Q-8 stands for but I am curious if saying Q-Otto brings Kuwait to mind?

The gasoline station I am featuring is also just down the road from Oliveri. It is run by an Oliveri man and his younger brother. I have know them since one was in High School and the other just a small lad. This place is an ERG station.

The gasoline sold is verde and diesel. Verde is unleaded gas. They outlawed leaded gasoline in the early 90's. Most gas stations also sell coffee, snacks and car items. In the summer you can also buy beach gear.

It is not a service station as they do not offer repairs. You can fill it up...get your windshield clean, add some oil, put air in your tires and receive scratch off cards perhaps winning a cup of espresso from ERG. Sometimes gifts are given away with fill ups. (Remember those days?)

On occasion these places go on strikes for a couple days at a time. There is one planned for the end of the month. One of the protested subjects is operator's anger at government plans to let shopping centers and supermarkets sell gasoline.

I should have checked the price of gas but will do this soon on an update page.

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