Saturday, January 6, 2007

Sun and Fun

Nope that doesn't mean a day at the beach. For me it means getting the clothes dried on the line. We have been having so much rain the wash gets piled up. Add a little wind to the mix and perhaps they will dry before nightfall.
The *fun* is for the kids who will be getting a gift from La Befana. The commune gives out gifts to the school kids grades 1-5. Of course parents will give the kids (who are good) some candy and a gift. More fun is husband working 1/2 day. Italians do have so many holidays. Today is Epifinia.
Not so good part is NO MAIL and I am waiting for Christmas packages sent to me from the USA to arrive. A friend told me that her sister in Genova is experiencing the same delay. After Christmas extras are nice.

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