Friday, January 5, 2007

Casa Dolce Casa

My house is in the older part of the town. My husband was born on this property but not in this house. In 1985 the old house was torn down and rebuilt. It is condo like. We have three levels. Most of our neighbors are older folks. The younger couples are building on the outskirts of the town. There are 2000 year round residents. So, my house looks much like the white one in the photo...perhaps a bit wider. It is built out of cement and has three balconies. Not quite like the images you might have of Naples with all the clothes hanging across the streets but not so unlike either. Our ground floor is a dining/kitchen combination. Next level is a small living room and a small bedroom and a bathroom. One more flight up and there is a larger bedroom and a converted terrazzo. We had a roof put onto it and windowed it in to make a laundry and sewing room. We thought the house would be too small but it seems to be a perfect fit for us.
The photo was taken from my first floor window and it was the first photo I took when I got my digital camera. Those cobbles are on a one story structure that houses wine and wood and sometimes familes of mice. This is a reason I love street cats.


Anonymous said...

you got mail

Kathie said...

Did you have this house built? It sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

hehhehe ... i love your house ... it is perfect