Saturday, January 27, 2007

Piccola cosa/ Small thing

Two men carrying a small box enter Andy's shop. I was there talking with Andy.

Man #1-- "Do you know where I can buy a battery?"

Andy-- "What kind of battery are you looking for?"

Man #1--" I don't know. It is for this blood pressure machine."

Man #1 and man #2 take a blood pressure machine out of the small box and look for the battery casing. Man #1 reads instructions while man #2 pulls on the machine with no luck. Roles are reversed. Now man #2 reads the instructions and man #1 attempts to open the battery casing. They ask Andy to read the instructions just in case they have not read something correctly. Andy reads and man #1 and man #2 alternate in the attempt to open and reveal the battery. This goes back and forth and on and on for 15 minutes.
Andy gives me a look and I say that I don't want to be breaking anything.

Man #2 drops the thing into a chair.

So I approach the chair and look over the b/p machine and voila...yessiree open the casing right away. I don't take any personal credit for this as it is something any red blooded American woman could and would do.

What is very Italian man like is that they hustle right out of the shop so that they would not have to spend an extra minute in front of me. Not a peep of gratitude.

Story ends with this question. How many Italian men does it take to open a battery casing?
The answer is none....ask a woman!

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