Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Feature: Bibiloteca

The library has a special meaning for me. Since I was a child I have loved the library..any library. Books were always something to forget the present and take you away...much better than Calgon! There was a library just down the street from my family home. Just inside the door was a shelf containing biographies and I must have read each one at least twice.

I did not find the local library here in Oliveri until the second year I was living here. I had brought quite a few books with me to keep me occupied with reading material for over a year. Just who am I kidding...I couldn't read a book in Italian so I was not looking for a library.

One day when doing business in the town hall, I found that the library was located in this building. It occupied two rooms with bookcases in the hallway. Antonella is the librarian. She is welcoming and informative. Her office is one of few places that is toasty warm. Good place to go and have a chat.
The walls are lined with books and magazines and Antonella is always ready to help you find what you need. I have donated many books to the library printed in English. This is done selfishly. I have a small house and the library isn't so far away that I can't go and take out a book to reread. I just hope that others might get some use out of them as well.
Over the years the library has moved location to another floor in the town hall building. Antonella is still there and in charge of things. If you come to Oliveri ...please go and say hello to her and tell her that you saw her here.

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