Monday, January 22, 2007

Il Postino

From 1992 through 1998 this man was my very best friend in the world! I would look for him every morning and miss him terribly on Sunday. When I first met Postino Mandolia he rode a bike. He has a loud voice and you could hear him before he got to the house. I had mail the very first week I arrived. I think I mailed something to myself and had asked my daughter to send me mail. The mail I received those first years was fantastic. My sister would decorate envelopes with rubber stamping and art work. Each time the art work topping the letter before. The stamps would send the postino over the top. Some packet envelopes would be covered with stamps. His daughter collects stamps so we had a great thing going. I even bought rubber stamps myself and used them on out going mail. I have a great one of an erupting volcano. Add a little color to these things and they are spectacular. One day Postino Mandolia came to the house bearing a special mail bag from the USA with a secure lock on it. Looked like a bag that would be sent to an embassy. Opening it revealed a collection of books sent by a young guest that had stayed with us on his world travel tour. The postino told us to make sure this sack was returned to the post office as it had to be sent back to the USA. This was a first for me and a first for this town. I have since received a second one with those very prized books inside.

So what has happened to this relationship. He still delivers the mail and now rides on this motorcycle with helmet and official uniform. I still have high regards for him but alas...the computer has taken over the communication spot. I still get mail but lots more email than the envelope kind.

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