Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mercato find

Was I happy today with this find?? You betcha! And I'm keeping it for myself. I'm not a good hat person but this one is made for a woman. It is authentic and has a nice elongated visor. I got it down from the regular price and that made it extra *special*! Yes-sir Chris...SPECIAL!


Maryellen Pienta said...


Grillman and Luna said...

Love the hat (this is from a hat fanatic!) and your blog. We have been relocating from one town in the Pyrenees-Orientales (France, on the Spanish border) to another (also in the PO), so have been away from the Inet for a while, but are back.

We visited Sicily last October for three weeks, staying in farm houses on the East and West ends of the island and loved it and hated to have to come home so soon. We notice many Catalan Sicilian connections, in cuisine and folk customs, so felt right at home.

Anyway, we have a couple of blogs going, one (Grillman and Luna) is where we pursue various interests. The other (Travel France Italy Spain: Beyond the Guidebooks) is our way to share some of our travel experiences.

Because we've enjoyed yours so much and found it helpful when we were planning our outing to Sicily last year, we're linking both the Grillman and the Travel blogs to yours. We think our readers would go for your straightforward approach.

Cheers and thanks again for the great blog.

Grillman & Luna

PS We're from the USA, too, and have been in France since '99 and feel more at home every day.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Wonderful find and I want one!

Anonymous said...

This is almost as good as finding those shot glasses for your nephew. It's great and hope you will be wearing it in good health!Love, C-co

New Yorker said...

I love the hat, I'm jelous I won't be there for another 6 weeks to get my own. Maybe they will have some then. If not I'll borrow yours (hahahahha)