Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Christmas events

This five year old participated in his school's Christmas program this morning. Just like everywhere around the world... mothers make the costumes, bake the cookies and take the photos of their kids. He was a good pick for an angel as he is a happy and very well behaved boy.

Nativity scenes are as popular as Christmas trees in homes, especially with the older generation. I think Christmas trees are something that has come about in the last 25-30 years. My neighbor puts hers together every year and each year it looks a little different.

Here is mine that I had made into a card a couple years ago. It hasn't changed much but I will work on this.


New Yorker said...

Hi Sharon,

The Nativity scenes are a tradition, mine is up here too. How is the Nativity village coming? Can we expect some pix soon.

Buon Natale

Anonymous said...

I love Nativity scenes. I love setting ours up each year. The tree is for my wife, my kids, but the manger is mine.

Happy Christimas Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

This little boy deserves a halo, what a sweet smile. Hope you have a picture for Mom and Dad. Also love those manger scenes as they are very realistic with the plants and moss. Can't wait for the outdoor manger scene! Love, Cindy-co

Anonymous said...

Love the nativity scenes. I have the big christmas village with tons of miniature houses, but now I'd like to start collecting for a nativity scene for next year.Merry Christmas Sharon!