Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Questura and Tribunale

This is similar to a place where I spent alot of time this morning along with the Questura* of Patti. I am renewing my soggiorno permission and the rules have changed. I now need a police and Tribunale** check to make certain that "I am not a crook"! I also need to identify my means of support. I need to give evidence that my marriage is intact. These are new requirements put in place in the last year. I think they are fair and justified in these times.
So, I have all the documents and stamps and now wait for the paper saying I have not been charged with a crime. My appointment has been made and I like that I will not have to wait in a line. I am pleased with this progress after some horror stories that I have heard and read over getting this document. I shall probably (hope so) be given permission to stay here for an indefinite period of time. After all this why not go for the citizenship document??? That is something to think about!
*Police headquaters
**Court house

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I know the feeling, Sharon! It can be a nightmare getting those documents. I can understand, like you, why the police checks are now deemed necessary, though.