Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Feature

Today's feature is a continuance of yesterday's post on Gibelmanna and Cefalù. Be prepared for a few more posts on this subject. This post will feature the art work in the museum on the sanctuary grounds.

There are several rooms in this museum. On the ground level are vestments used in celebrations of *sung mass*. They are quite elaborate and in very good condition. The art works and vestments are from the 15th thru 18th centuries. Also on the ground level is a model of buildings on the sanctuary grounds.

All the buildings are are on elevated land. The air is thin and there are quite a few steps to climb to reach the sanctuary. The museum entrance fee is €1.50 and is worth every cent.

I really should have something to say about this art if I am posting it. But, I know very little. The first one is the oldest. Statues are Mary and Joseph and the last picture is of a circumcision.

Ultima Cena-Last Supper/Sicilian artist

This fabric of silk with hand work is from the 15th century and in good condition. The entire piece of fabric was hand embroidered.


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Anonymous said...

Great commentary on this recent trip. Think you are winding your way around Sicily and will be able to sign up for tour-group leader. We're all getting a good education through your eyes. L,C-co