Tuesday, August 7, 2007

...and the winner is!!!!!

The contest on guessing the amount of pasta that was in this house on July 17th closed midnight last night and we have a winner. We had 55 pounds of pasta stored on the pasta shelf. The question is why?? Why do we have all this pasta?? The answer is *you never know*! *You never know when you will need it*...*you never know when this brand will go on sale*...etc. There are lots more...you never knows...but someone here really likes pasta.

From day one sognatrice had the winning guess, but someone slipped in during the final days and cancelled out her win. GoodThomas gave the largest guess and Frank the lowest. I guess GoodThomas must be a pasta lover and Frank, who I happen to know personally.. hates pasta!!

Thank you for all the entries. Annika's family, la cubancgringa (who gave me a contest idea), Cindy-co (no pasta in the dog house), dm, Matthew, Muchachaistmo, Dot, Micheal (sorry no socks this time), Shelley (how about 10 reasons why we have so much pasta?), motherhoward, sonyaustralians, megan, jessica, rach, Cindy's friend, Marlene, HappyDays, Susan and Jillane.

The winner with a guess of 51 pounds is :


I congratulate you and will contact you soon on how to send the prize your way.


sognatrice said...

Congrats to Jan (even though I feel slightly sad at coming *so* close to pulling this one out) ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought I had this one"in the bag"!!!L, Cindy-co

Anonymous said...

This was a great contest, Sharon. Very little commitment but lots of emotional ties to guessing and finding out how close (or in my case, how far) we were.

Thank you.