Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Feature

We haven't had any spontaneous fires this year and the vegetation still look pretty green. But it is normal for fires to start up into the mountains. Friday's Feature is showing the planes they use to pick up water from the sea to douse those fires in the mountains. I imagine some places would be very difficult to maneuver a regular type firetruck to.

This week we have seen these planes swooping over the roof tops and down close to the water.

It was windy that day as you can see from the clothes being blown around on the clothesline. He made about a dozen runs and lets hope that he won't be fighting any the size they are having in Utah.


sognatrice said...

I had some photos of these planes the other day: "it's a's a's a ship." We've had a lot of fires here, unfortunately, so the planes have been daily occurrences.

Btw, I'm loving Accordion Crimes--just haven't had a whole lot of time to read so I've only just finished the first part :(

Sharon said...

Sognatrice...Calabria seems to always be hotter than here.

That book Accordion Crimes was once stolen from my house and transported to the USA thru Thailand. I was OK with this as books are to be read. It later returned in a mail bag along with 5 other books. That was a good deal. I think that book is traveling much like the accordion. My least favorite instrument is a accordion. I have my reasons.

MuchachaIstmo said...

Huge planes used to fly over my home in The Florida Keys spraying for mosquitoes. They would buzz my rooftop!