Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Feature cont...

Here is the structure within which a mummy is transformed into a woman. I heard some music coming from inside but did not see any action outside. It was only eight o'clock when I ventured down to check this place out. It is advertised to continue thru midnight. I saved my €3 and did not go inside. I did not go around to the back either but am guessing it is a truck trailer.

Along the side of the road are white tents. They were just setting up the insides. They show up often in the summer in different towns catering to the tourist business.

My curiosity was satisfied. Someone said a sucker is born everyday...well I was born many days ago and I didn't bite on anything except these photos!


Carole D. said...

Very interesting post and photos. At least they get creative and they cater to tourists.
You were smart to hang on to your money.

So, Sharon, I never heard or read why you moved there. I know that your husband was from there.
I'd like to hear the story or at least direct me to the post. I find it intriguing that you would give up your American life (like so many other expats)especially since you have grown kids and grandchildren in the States.

I'll be back...

MuchachaIstmo said...

Oh, I would have HAD to go into the trailer!!!