Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Feature

For this Friday's Feature we have a guest. She is an American who has a home here and is here for the summer. Lucky me to have a bonafide American in this town!! So today I shall interview Lucille from New York.
Sharon: Lucille, how are you doing in this heat?
Lucille: I'm doing well...trying to stay cool!
Sharon: Cool or Kool?
Lucille: Cool...I'm already Kool!
Sharon: So, whatsup?
Lucille: I'm dealing with the Italian lingo and trying to stay outta trouble. Don't want to say the wrong word and offend anybody. I've made some friends and our conversations using my skills and sign language.
Sharon:: Do you know the universal language?
Lucille: The language of love?
Sharon: It is 2007 .....all that has changed abit. It is the language of $, £ and €. But love is a good answer.
Sharon: How do you find Oliveri?
Lucille: Nice friends, good food..good company...entertainment in the square...beach within walking a stone throw away and if I can figure out the sizes I may even get dressed (like an Italiana).
Sharon: Any plans while you are here?
Lucille: Relax....brisk on my tan....sight see.
Sharon: That is what we shall be doing on Sunday. Sightseeing in Catania. So come back to see what happened on Lucille and Sharon's BIG Adventure.


Anonymous said...

Hope you (and Lucille) have a great time in Catania and a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

have fun shopping and i hope that you find something great...

Anonymous said...

I found your blog just a couple of days ago. I love it because it's in Sicily where I'm originally from.
A town in the Pr. of Palermo.

Where is Oliveri? Is it near Catania? My husband and I were in Giardini Naxos and Taormina a month ago. Beautiful locations!

Enjoy your shopping.

Anonymous said...

Okay, when I scrolled down, I saw the picture that says Oliveri, Messina Sicilia.

I guess that's the answer.
I don't recall seeing it when we drove past Messina and Catania.

Sharon said...

Turn west at Messina and you hit Oliveri about 40 minutes into your drive to Palermo. It is a costal village.
Happy that you left a comment. So where are you from in Palermo?

Carole D. said...

Ciao Sharon,
il paese is San Giuseppe Iato, about 30 mins. from Palermo, I think. Even less from the airport in Punta Raisi. Sorry, I'm bad with directions.

I love those coastal villages, I have to look it up on my next trip.

I've lived in the Midwest, USA since 1969.

Very interesting that you moved there and perche? I'm going to enjoy your posts about Sicily. I miss it so much!